English Saddles

Barefoot English saddles generally have a thick, molded, pressure absorbing panel on either side of the horse’s spine. These panels create a gullet to guarantee improved spinal clearance. They are also anatomically shaped to the rider’s thighs. The seat is removable and attaches to the saddle base with wide, non-slip Velcro.

Removable / exchangeable fibreglass pommel arch (available in several sizes – delivery includes size middle. “Wide” size for EXTREMELY broad horses with no noticeable withers but instead very strong and broad shoulders (the soft inserts made out of wool work well too). “Narrow” size for EXTREMELY narrow horses with prominent withers.

Barefoot English Saddles also generally have a higher cantle made of a semi-elastic material, which is anatomically shaped, to horse and rider and therefore enhances the horse’s freedom of motion and encourages engagement of the hindquarters and vertical flexion of the back. For the rider this newly designed cantle provides a deep, softly cushioned and very secure seat. The cantle can also be replaced with some cloth like material to accommodate even the most difficult to fit horses.

Using a double-stitched stirrup attachment, the invisible construction ribbons spread the weight of the rider standing in the stirrups. Extra wide and flat rings are used and the fender and stirrup leathers come with buckles below to avoid pressure.