Barefoot Saddles

Barefoot saddles are flexible, soft, very light and adjust to the horse’s back in all directions. They are totally flexible and move with the horse rather than creating a barrier of a stiff tree. Horses move more relaxed and free because no tree is constricting the shoulder, the pommel moves with the horse. No pressure under the cantle gives relief to short and flat backed horses. Barefoot saddles are stable on the horse’s back even when the horse is round and has low withers.

Barefoot saddles provide a very close contact with the horse and help horses and riders with back issues. Many riders find relief from pain because the saddles are so soft and cause less jarring to the rider’s back. Beginner riders learn to feel the rhythm and find balance much faster. Barefoot saddles are therefore a popular training tool and is also being used for therapeutic riding. Experienced riders enjoy the unbeatable contact to the horse.